Here are some people your change can make a difference for.


This shy 15-year-old used to walk hours each day to collect dirty water. His people struggle with a basic necessity we all take for granted - clean water. Use your small change to provide clean water to rural African families by empowering them with biosand filters through organizations like Charity Water.


Manuel from Guatemala lost his arm in an accident and needs a functioning prosthetic arm to find a good job in order to support his family. Fund medical treatments with your small change for people around the world like Manuel through organisations such as Watsi.


Anthony lives in a small flat in Toa Payoh and belongs to a growing group of needy individuals in Singapore who require help to meet their daily needs. Use your small change to support organizations such as Willing Hearts and Food from the Heart to help feed the needy in Singapore.


Shethal and her friends live below the poverty line in rural India and wants to get trained in using computers in order to find good jobs in the marketplace. Your small change can make a big difference in supporting such projects in education through Global Giving to help lift young people from poverty.

Who else?

Who else would you like to help today?

How it works

Shop as usual

Download the plugin above, then shop at your favourite online stores. We support hundreds of sites.

Round up your transactions

At checkout, you will have the option to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar. Make sure to tick the box!

Save the world

Every month, your change will go to a charity of your choice. Feed kids. Change lives. Just sit back, give and smile.

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What is One Cent Movement?

One Cent Movement allows you to turn your everyday transactions into opportunities to give to charity. You can round up your online transactions to the nearest dollar and send the money to reliable charities.

How does it work?

1. Shop as usual at your favourite online stores.
2. At checkout, you will see a pop-up option to round your purchases up to the nearest dollar.
3. Click OK and proceed to purchase your goods!
4. Once you’ve accumulated $10 worth of round-ups, you will be notified on exactly how you can make a difference in the society.
5. Give, make a difference and smile!

What Charities can I donate to?

We support all major organizations that aim to do good for the world around us. For Singapore-based charities, you can view all available organizations via our donation portal partner. For all other organizations, you’re more than welcome to pick a cause of your choice!

What fees are involved?

At the moment, One Cent Movement endeavors to allow 100% of all proceeds to go to charity.

Without fee-collection, how do you fund your operations?

We’re currently funded by grants and angel donors who share our vision in turning everyday transactions into opportunities to give to charity. If you‘re interested to support our vision, please get in touch with us at

Does One Cent Movement handle the funds at any time during the donation process?

No. One Cent Movement does not handle a single cent – we simply facilitate.

I have a business. Can I do more?

We’re looking to empower everyone to give to charity as part of their everyday online transactions, and you can help us achieve this vision. Click here  to fill up a short form and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

(Singapore) My charity is interested in becoming a recipient of the movement. What do I do now?

Our donation portal is currently only open to IPCs and Singapore-registered charities that are secular in nature. You may apply to be part of SG Gives here.

Let's do it, together.

Every contribution counts. Our collective impact can change the world around us, one cent at a time.